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What is LeadTracker?

LeadTracker is a tool that helps you to identify which companies visit your website. It's a type of 'Caller ID' for your website. Spend a couple of minutes watching the video on the right, which explains how LeadTracker can help you close more sales.

Want to supply your sales staff with highly qualified sales leads?

Lead generation around the world

Identify companies from all over the world

Whether you sell to private businesses or government institutions, in your own country or around the globe, you can utilize LeadTracker for a more effective sales effort. With LeadTracker, you can identify companies and their locations all over the world − right down to which city they are located in.

What do you want to know about a sales lead?

What do you want to know about a lead, before calling?

For every identified company visit, you have access to all the information you need to commence an effective sales effort. How did the company find you? What keywords did they use? Which products or pages did they view on your website? Where is the company located? Everything is provided to you in a clear and easy-to-use manner.

Sales leads are distributed automaticly

Automated distribution of sales leads

The data from LeadTracker can be adapted and delivered in accordance with your needs. Do you want to start your day with a PDF or Excel sheet showing all the companies that visited your website yesterday? Or what about a report of all the companies located in your city that visited your website over the last week, delivered directly to the mailbox of the salesperson with responsibility for that area?

Our software installs easily

Easy and simple installation

LeadTracker is hosted by us and supplied as a software service. You don't have to worry about operation or backup. Installation simply involves inserting a small tracking script on your website, and takes no more than five minutes.

Free and unlimited support

Unlimited support

Though we've worked hard to make our tool as simple and user friendly as possible, even the best sometimes need help. Therefore, we offer free and unlimited support – both by email and by phone.


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